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"The real reason to see Unlock’d is for the charming performances of its gifted cast ... Hansel Tan as the lovelorn Barney has one of Unlock’d’s most affecting moments with the tender and tuneful Only a Gnome."

- Charles C Bales,


The attractive and well-cast performers all demonstrate beautiful singing voices ... with [Hansel] Tan’s adventurous Gnome Barney ... the most memorable."

- Victor Gluck, Theater Scene


"The talented cast delivers. [...] As the three goofy, yet engaging gnomes Chris Gunn, Adam Daveline and Hansel Tan are right on the mark ... Tan sings a great solo!"

- Robin Gorman Newman, Motherhood Later


"For comedy, and there is plenty, there are the love-starved gnomes with cockney accents (Chris Gunn, Adam Daveline and Hansel Tan) who turn out to be individually and uniquely ... endearing ... Unlock'd glitters, as does its gaiety, all on its own."

- Simon Saltzman, Curtain Up



​"The writing offers good singers a chance to soar ... all were fine, plush mezzo Christine Toy Johnson (Lady Thiang), tenor Hansel Tan (Lun Tha) and crystalline soprano YoonJeong Seong (Tuptim)."

- Michael J. Fressola, Staten Island Advance



"But, really, it's when the two lovebirds come together that sparks truly fly. [Hansel] Tan and Wee's iconic balcony scene brimmed with the breathless, optimistic energy of romantic discovery, while the final twists and turns of their doomed relationship was suitably heartbreaking."

- Mayo Martin, Today

"Leads Hansel Tan and Julie Wee did marvellously, showcasing a range and depth of emotions which ... brought full justice to Shakespeare's glorious tragedy."

- Jeremy,

"[As] the titular Romeo and Juliet, [Hansel] Tan and Wee more than hold their own, and attack their roles with an earnestness that lays bare their characters' yearnings and impossible hopes"

- Corrie Tan, The Straits Times

"Hansel Tan (Romeo), Julie Wee (Juliet) and the rest of the cast managed to turn in sparkling performances"

- Han Wei Chou, Channel News Asia


"Hansel Tan is excellent as the neurotic soul-searching Jon. He portrays Jon's quirks sympathetically and adds humour to the performance."

- Rosalind Miles, The Oxford Times

"Hansel Tan (Jon) sets the tone from the off, acting as storyteller, and delving in and out of his monologue, delivering energy, focus, and the right mix of sarcasm, boldness and desperation to portray Jonathon Larsons struggle. Not to mention a superb, eye-opening voice that got my attention from the get-go."

- Laura Mathis, The Daily Info

"Jon is played with consummate skill by Hansel Tan who is on stage almost all the time. He conveys the discouragement and anxiety of Jon very well and his singing is superb ... Hansel Tan's command of character and emotional depth make sure the audience remains committed to him as a flawed and fearful human rather than just the narrator of events."

- Michael Hawkes,

"The evening belongs firmly to Hansel Tan playing the autobiographical role of Jon. He has a strong voice  easily able to cope with the huge range demanded by the score as well as the verbal dexterity required by some of the intricately written lyrics. His acting is equally accomplished."

- Simon Tavener,

"It is Jon (Hansel Tan) who brings the greatest strength to this production, pulling out vast energy both through his words and through his intense physicality."

- Edwin Black, The Cherwell

"Powerfully taking the lead in this show is Hansel Tan. Larson has provided a demanding rock score, and Tan is more than up to the challenge vocally. His talent as an actor also means that the single monologue concept which the show employs makes the audience feel like a trusted confident; truly part of the lives of the characters."

- Rebecca Tay, The Cherwell


"The cast are sensational and the vocals are strong, particularly Hansel Tan [Jon] who is able to use his head voice to real effect in the song See Her Smile, very moving."

- CB, The Daily Info

"Maple Giant exists to exploit the wealth of talent in Oxfordshire and they succeed well with the cast of Hansel Tan, Edward Blagrove and Bonnie Hurst. tick... tick... Boom! manages to be instantly and continually engaging despite no interval. The singing was strong and confident, the actors had broad and high skill levels and the direction was excellent."

- Mike Rowbottom, The Henley Standard


"A heartfelt turn from [Hansel] Tan as the tank commander who, like the soldiers in Radio Silence, was literally and figuratively lost ... The young Tan has certainly come into his own. Here, he is wholly believable as an army commander  and proves able to rise to the occasion whether the role requires comic timing or dramatic weight." 

- Kenneth Kwok, The Flying Inkpot

"Own Time, Own Target is a fun night out ... to see how self-assured and good Singapores comic actors have become."

- John Lui, The Straits Times



"Tan brings forth a wonderful sense of comic timing in the sequence where Bella describes all her sons using tomatoes as visual aids."

- Marlene Sim, The Wesleyan Argus


"One of the highlights of the show is a duet, performed by two nameless chorus actors (Rhiannon Drake and Hansel Tan) about being stuck in the chorus (oh the ironygroan). Drake and Tan sing beautifully, as well as the song itself standing out in terms of writing and arrangement. Tan also deserves special mention for his quirky stage presence which occasionally stole the show."

- Kate Bottriell, The Daily Info

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